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Early Night Post (59)

Shoshana Kertesz, Retrato de Margit Kaffka

“As I ponder and reenact the past, time and time again in my thoughts sometimes I can even see certain connections. Everything that happens happens for so many reasons; I don’t Know if I always find the most authentic when I look for just one, I don’t even know if every little thing happened just the way I remember it, or whether I simply remembered it and recounted it that way so often, that I came to believe it myself. I have heard it said that when we are travelling along a mountainous country-side, sometimes you have to take just a step or two for the scenery to change completely in front of your eyes – the relationship of the hills and valleys to each other. The panorama is entirely different from every place you stop to rest. Perhaps it is the same with events, too, and possibly, what I regard today as the story of my life is merely a picture of my life, shaped by my present way of thinking. Of course, it makes it all the more mine; indeed, on such church-bell ringing afternoons as this, as warm and as solitary, I can think of no preoccupation more interesting, colourful and precious than this.”
Margit Kaffka*, Colours and Years, Corvina Books Ltd., Budapest, 1999, pp. 20 e 21.

* Escritora húngara (1880-1918)
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x disse...

tenho mencionado esta frase vezes sem conta, por resumir tudo - a questão fundamental da vida:

«temos de sonhar para conseguirmos levantar-nos de manhã» billy wilder

eu é que agradeço. *